by Ben Zucker

In collaboration with improviser and experimental composer Ben Zucker, Quijote Duo will premier "Outdifferencing" at the Chicago's Ear Taxi Festival 2021 #newmusicchicago 

Ben Zucker on the 'difference series'

My 'difference' series of compositions (In/Difference for three instruments, Outdifference for two winds and electronics, and this work) have all tried to set small repetitive musical motions in close relation to each other, and revel in the details of timing and tuning. Here, the focus of those details is a sort of analog/digital metaphor: a series of gestures where one string instrument moves by continuous glissando, and another traverses the same space in discrete steps. Spaced over discrete and free spaces of time, the strings move in and out of resonance as well through these means. Where the “-ing” in this one’s title comes in may have more to do with the fact that this process is itself discontinuous, trying to seamlessly divide and rejoin various textures throughout. Not quite organic, not quite mechanical, just…constantly questioning itself." 

Ben Zucker: "Outdifferencing" for viola and cello
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 Ben Zucker

Quijote Duo at Ear Taxi Festival 2021

When: September 18th, 7pm

Where: DCtorium, Chicago